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medi's 2nd ACL in Female Football Players Live Conference 2023 - Barcelona, Spain

medi Conference ACL in Female Football 2023

Welcome to the 2nd Conference on ACL in Female Football Players!

After such a success last year with participants and viewers worldwide, we have opened up registration early so you can lock in the date and join us live in Barcelona, Spain, this October.

Don't miss out! medi and Prof. Dr Ramón Cugat, Scientific Chair, would love it if you could join us.

Jump on to the link below to register for this fantastic annual event.

We are incredibly pleased to bring together an interdisciplinary group of physicians, therapists and professional athletes to discuss one of the most pressing issues in sports medicine today.

As we all know, female football players are particularly susceptible to ACL injuries, and this conference provides a unique opportunity for us to share our expertise and insights to develop better prevention strategies and treatment options.


ACL  in Female Football Players

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers and participants from diverse backgrounds; all committed to advancing our understanding of this complex issue.

Throughout the conference, we will explore the latest research, best practices, and practical approaches to ACL injuries in female football players.

We are confident that this conference will serve as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, and we look forward to hearing from every one of you.

See you there!

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