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Besides their medical effect, the products from medi offer you a wide variety of other benefits.

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Confidence in textiles

The awarding of the certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100 guarantees tested quality that safeguards your health.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested 1. 1cf. Ben Ammar, F. (Dermascan): Clinical evaluation of the skin compatibility of a medical device.


Hypoallergenic skin compatibility test 1
cf. Final Clinical Security Test - Eurofins DERMSCAN, Bucharest, 2019.


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Besides their medical effect, the products from medi offer you a wide variety of other benefits.

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Compression garment information

Clima Fresh

Clima Comfort

The integrated Clima Fresh function has an odour-inhibiting effect. This is achieved via special thread technology or via special processing during the production process. These have an antibacterial effect and thus inhibit odour-forming bacteria within the fabric.

Clima Comfort ensures garments are comfortable. Modern fibre tech wicks moisture away from the skin and ensures high breathability. *Scientifically tested. The results assure climate control between the skin and the stocking. With 11/12 points, an outstanding overall score.

Soft Elastic

Perfect Fit

• Noticeably more toe freedom with closed toe
• Increases wearing comfort
• Less pressure is exerted on the end of the foot

• A very precise fit
• Medically effective pressure gradient
• Optimal care conditions in standard & made-to-measure versions.

Anatomic Fit

Range of variants and special models

• Standard anatomical oblique borders (distal and proximal)
• Unimpeded lymph drainage without circular constriction
• Optimum fit and a better grip

• Standard and trend colours
• Assorted patterns and styles
• Customised to suit medical requirements and fashion choices

Double Ellipses

Built-In-Pressure® System:

The double ellipses on the point and in the crease of the elbow offer freedom of movement. They reduce wrinkles to a minimum to prevent soreness.

To set, control and re-adjust the correct therapeutic compression range


Juxtaposed Band-System

• Breathable and latex-free material
• Odour-inhibiting with antibacterial effect

• Optimum fit thanks to interlocking bands
• Each strap can be readjusted while on the limb

Easy handling


• Simple donning and doffing
• Eases handling for the patient

• Inelastic material for effective therapy and pleasant wearing comfort
• Inspired by nature. Circaid was inspired from this “natural compression” and designed the first patented inelastic circaid leg garment.

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