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Welcome to the new E+motion generation. Score with top performance for your knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and back.

A symbiosis of modern, sporty looks and medical effects is particularly suitable for active people who want more stability, comfort and functionality.

E+motion sports supports combine more than 70 years of compression experience with innovative technology made in Germany.

E+motion Soft Supports

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A triple performance combination of material, fit and knit offers effective support with every movement:

Performance Material

Merino wool and Dry Skin technology

Merino is natural, odour-inhibiting and thermoregulating.

Dry Skin technology ensures moisture is wicked away from the skin up to twice as fast.

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Performance fit

Ergonomic sports knitted fabric - comfortable with every movement and for an almost wrinkle-free fit.

The XL movement zones offer maximum flexibility in the bending areas - for more freedom of movement, exactly where needed.

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Performance Compression

Stability, power and massaging knitted fabric.

Thanks to elastic yarns, the knitted fabric is more than 25 per cent firmer and 10 per cent thinner than other knitted fabrics.*

The 3D silicone quartz pads have a beneficial massage effect when you move and stimulate blood circulation.

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Perform better with E+motion®

Top athletes repeatedly put the function of our E+motion supports through their paces with a pure focus on the decisive aspects - material, fit and compression.

medi sports supports test results

Ninety-two per cent of the athletes surveyed attach importance to fast moisture removal from sports products they wear directly on the body because: waterlogging is detrimental to well-being.

The choice of material and construction is critical.

Sweat is wicked to the outside of the support to keep the moisture out of contact with the skin.

E+motion with dry skin technology - up to twice as fast moisture transport scored an average of 4.15 out of 5 points.

Ninety-two per cent find merino wool pleasant on the skin.

Fifty-four per cent like the thermoregulating effect. Forty-six per cent value odour neutrality.

Fit and ergonomics are of particular relevance for athletes.

Users expect wearing the support to feel as comfortable as possible and be wrinkle-free and secure while still allowing freedom of movement - especially around the flexed areas of the joints.

 The E+motion performance supports received an excellent rating for the perfect fit: 4.6 out of 5 points.

Stability and safety are crucial in sports - not only after injuries.

Proprioception (deep sensitivity), i.e. the ability to perceive joint position, joint movement and muscle strength, plays a role here.

Greater proprioception improves muscular control over the joint, leading to stabilisation, an increased sense of security, and enhanced resilience.

All respondents agree that wearing a brace makes their joints feel more secure and stable. (62 per cent "significantly more stable", 38 per cent "slightly more stable").

Eighty-five per cent felt the compression pressure was "just right".  

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Performance Material

Merino wool dry Skin technology  

Performance Fit

Ergonomic sports knitted fabric

Performance Compression

Power in the knitted fabric

Since 1951 

The medi World of Compression: Over 70 years of expertise in the field of compression.

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