Compression Stocking Care

Caring for your medi compression garments

Wash Daily

If worn every day, stockings should be washed every day too.

Hand Wash

Warm handwash with medi Clean, or laundry detergent.

Washing No's

No flakes, powders, bleach, fabric softners or body soaps.

Drying Stockings

Hang away from strong or direct sunlight and away from heaters.


Use medi Clean or detergents from the laundry aisle without palm oil or eucalyptus.

Silicone Bands

Regularly brush the Silicone band with a toothbrush to remove skin debris.

Drying Tip

Roll your garment in a towel and gently squeeze to help remove excess water.

Machine Wash

medi compression stockings, sleeves and socks are machine washable below 40° C

No Dryers or Irons

Do not use a clothes dryer or iron on your medi stockings, socks or compression garments.