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E+motion®️ New Range Now Available at medi

E+motion®️ New Range Now Available at medi

Welcome to the new E+motion generation. Score with top performance for your knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and back.

A symbiosis of modern, sporty looks and medical effects is particularly suitable for active people who want more stability, comfort and functionality.

E+motion sports supports combine more than 70 years of compression experience with innovative technology made in Germany.

A triple performance combination of material, fit and knit offers effective support with every movement.


Performance Material

  • Merino wool and Dry Skin technology
  • Merino is natural, odour-inhibiting and thermoregulating.
  • Dry Skin technology ensures moisture is wicked away from the skin up to twice as fast.


Performance Fit

  • Ergonomic sports knitted fabric - comfortable with every movement and for an almost wrinkle-free fit.
  • The XL movement zones offer maximum flexibility in the bending areas - for more freedom of movement, exactly where needed.


Performance Compression

  • Stability, power and massaging knitted fabric.
  • Thanks to elastic yarns, the knitted fabric is more than 25 per cent firmer and 10 per cent thinner than other knitted fabrics.*
  • The 3D silicone quartz pads have a beneficial massage effect when you move and stimulate blood circulation.


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Perform better with E+motion®

Top athletes repeatedly put the function of our E+motion supports through their paces with a pure focus on the decisive aspects - material, fit and compression.

  • Ninety-two per cent of the athletes surveyed attach importance to fast moisture removal from sports products they wear directly on the body because: waterlogging is detrimental to well-being.
  • The choice of material and construction is critical.
  • Sweat is wicked to the outside of the support to keep the moisture out of contact with the skin.
  • E+motion with dry skin technology - up to twice as fast moisture transport scored an average of 4.15 out of 5 points.
  • Ninety-two per cent find merino wool pleasant on the skin.
  • Fifty-four per cent like the thermoregulating effect. Forty-six per cent value odour neutrality.
  • Fit and ergonomics are of particular relevance for athletes.
  • Users expect wearing the support to feel as comfortable as possible and be wrinkle-free and secure while still allowing freedom of movement - especially around the flexed areas of the joints.
  • The E+motion performance supports received an excellent rating for the perfect fit: 4.6 out of 5 points.
  • Stability and safety are crucial in sports - not only after injuries.
  • Proprioception (deep sensitivity), i.e. the ability to perceive joint position, joint movement and muscle strength, plays a role here.
  • Greater proprioception improves muscular control over the joint, leading to stabilisation, an increased sense of security, and enhanced resilience.
  • All respondents agree that wearing a brace makes their joints feel more secure and stable. (62 per cent "significantly more stable", 38 per cent "slightly more stable").
  • Eighty-five per cent felt the compression pressure was "just right".  


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