medi Back Braces: Support and Relief for Every Body

medi Back Braces: Support and Relief for Every Body

Finding the proper support is crucial when it comes to managing back pain. medi, a world-leading orthopedic solutions manufacturer, offers a comprehensive range of back braces. These braces are not just designed to meet diverse needs, but also to provide targeted relief, offering a sense of comfort and reassurance. 


Whether you're dealing with lower back pain, facet joint osteoarthritis, sacroiliac joint issues, or a pregnancy-related discomfort, medi has a solution tailored for you. 


The Lumbamed range, renowned for its innovative design and exceptional support, is not just a one-size-fits-all solution. It's about understanding your unique needs and providing a brace that can be customised and adapted to your specific condition.


Lumbamed-sacro back brace


Lumbamed® Sacro: Targeted Relief for Pelvic and Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Pelvic and sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain can be debilitating, affecting daily activities and overall quality of life. 


The Lumbamed Sacro brace offers a modular approach to stabilising and relieving stress in these critical areas. It is ideal for conditions such as SIJ syndrome and joint instability. The brace features flexibly adjustable massage pads that deliver targeted relief right where it's needed.


The Lumbamed Sacro's innovative design allows for customisation based on the severity of pain and activity levels. Its modular construction makes it comfortable to wear overnight if necessary to ensure continuous support and relief.


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Lumbamed® Plus: Advanced Lumbar Support with Massage Pad

The Lumbamed® Plus provides a dual approach to support and pain relief for those suffering from lumbar spine issues. 


This advanced lumbar support features an integrated massage pad stabilising the lumbar spine and the lumbosacral transition. The proprioceptive compression in the abdominal area helps reduce lumbar lordosis, effectively alleviating pain and discomfort.


Designed for use on intact skin, the Lumbamed Plus combines stability with a soothing massage effect, promoting immediate relief and long-term recovery.


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Lumbamed® Basic: Essential Support for Everyday Stability

The Lumbamed® Basic brace offers essential support for individuals needing lumbar spine stabilisation. Four integrated dorsal spring ribs provide the necessary compression to reduce lordosis in the lumbar spine. 


The anatomically shaped fastener and integrated hand loops ensure easy handling and a perfect fit, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.


Whether you are managing chronic pain or recovering from an injury, the Lumbamed Basic provides reliable support to help you maintain an active lifestyle. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of conditions, ensuring you can find the support you need.


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Lumbamed® Maternity: Comfort and Stability During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous journey but also demands a lot from the body. As the baby grows, the mother's centre of gravity shifts, placing extra stress on the lumbar spine and pelvis, leading to significant discomfort and pain. 


The Lumbamed® Maternity brace was developed to alleviate this. It is designed to support the lower back and adjust seamlessly to the changing shape of a growing belly, providing much-needed relief and comfort during pregnancy. 


The Lumbamed Maternity brace offers customisable support with lateral tension straps that allow expectant mothers to easily adjust the level of support, ensuring both comfort and stability throughout pregnancy. 


Notably, the design of the Lumbamed Maternity brace ensures that the unborn baby's movement is not restricted. This feature provides expectant mothers with peace of mind, knowing that they can move freely and comfortably, without compromising on the support and relief the brace offers.


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Lumbamed Facet


Lumbamed® Facet: Lumbar support for facet joint osteoarthritis

The Lumbamed facet is a lumbar support orthotic device for the treatment of lumbar column problems. It offers targeted relief of the facet joints through effective reduction of lordosis.


Precise regulation of intra-abdominal pressure by means of the double 3-point strap system, it holds the pelvis in an upright position and stabilises the lumbar spine area and the lumbosacral transition


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Lumbamed Back Braces by medi



A back brace solution for every-body

medi's Lumbamed range of back braces and supports cater to various needs, ensuring everyone can find the perfect solution for their specific condition. 


Each product was designed with precision and user comfort in mind, from the adaptable Lumbamed Maternity for expectant mothers to the advanced Lumbamed Plus and the essential Lumbamed Basic.


Explore the Lumbamed range today and take the first step towards a pain-free life with Medi's expert support solutions.

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