Shaping the Future of Lymphatic Health

Shaping the Future of Lymphatic Health

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, conferences are crucial platforms for professionals to exchange insights, discoveries, and innovations. 


The Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) stands out as a beacon of progress in lymphatic health. As a proud sponsor, medi was thrilled to be part of the 15th ALA Scientific Conference held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 1 to 5 May 2024.


The focus of this conference couldn't be more pertinent: Shaping Lymphatic Health for the future. In a world where conditions like lymphoedema present ongoing challenges for patients and practitioners alike, staying at the forefront of research and clinical findings is paramount. 


The four-day program promises a deep dive into the latest advancements in managing lymphoedema, featuring breakout sessions, talks, and pre/post-conference events that will inspire and educate attendees.


At the heart of this gathering lies innovation – a driving force that pushes boundaries and transforms lives. 


At the forefront of this innovation is medi, not just a sponsor but a unique catalyst for change in the field of lymphatic care. Our commitment to revolutionising lymphatic care sets us apart, and we're excited to share our unique perspective and solutions at the 15th ALA Scientific Conference.



One of the highlights of our presence at the conference is where we invite attendees to engage with us and explore solutions medi offers through a hub of activity and knowledge exchange from compression garments to state-of-the-art technology with industry peers and experts in the field of lymphatic treatments.


Central to our mission is empowering healthcare professionals with practical tools to deliver the highest standard of care for their patients. 


We're excited to host workshops, including 'medi Shaping Lymphedema Innovatively, Practically, and Clinically'. These sessions provided a platform for attendees to not just learn about our latest advancements but also understand how they can immediately integrate them into their practice, enhancing their patient care.


Among these innovations is our partnership with the groundbreaking technology company LymphaTech. This revolutionary system sets a new standard for accuracy and precision in lymphatic assessment, from initial garment to patient volume measurements, that assesses, automates and simplifies processes while reducing human error, saving time and making the process for patients a little easier. 



By measuring the exact shape of limbs, LymphaTech enables the most effective assessment possible. Say goodbye to cumbersome tape measures; with LymphaTech's 99% accuracy, clinicians can trust in a more efficient and reliable assessment method. Validated through external clinical research with lymphedema patients, this technology represents a game-changing shift in how we approach lymphatic health.


But our commitment doesn't end with technology; it extends to education and empowerment. That's why, alongside our workshops, we're hosting product information sessions to ensure attendees have a comprehensive understanding of our offerings and how they can leverage them to enhance patient care.


As sponsors of the 15th ALA Scientific Conference, we're not just supporting an event but investing in the future of lymphatic health and patient care that aligns with the medi philosophy 'I feel better' - we want to ensure every patient or user of medi products and services can say and feel those three words.


Together with ALA and fellow attendees, we're shaping a future where lymphoedema is managed and conquered. And with innovation as our guiding light, we're confident that the future is bright.


Thanks to all who attended the conference and made this year one to remember, a proud achievement in healthcare. We are embarking on a discovery, collaboration, and progress. Together, let's shape the future of lymphatic health—one breakthrough at a time.


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