UCS Wound Debridement Cloths (Box of 10)

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A unique, convenient and safe system of care.


UCS debridement is a pre-moistened single-use cloth for effective wound debridement and cleaning of the surrounding leg area.


  • Sterile and ready to use
  • Fast and largely painless wound cleansing
  • Non-allergic ingredients
  • For chronic and acute wounds
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Cleans and improves skin conditions


Sterile system for initial and maintenance wound debridement, cleansing and hydration of the peri-lesional area as well as the whole limb.


UCS debridement is a class 2b sterile device that is recommended for use with chronic and acute wounds, ulcers of all types, pressure sores and 1st or 2nd degree burns. It acts immediately, does not inhibit granulation and is compatible with subsequent use of any type of dressing.


Why use UCS debridement?

Wound debridement at an early and appropriate stage is likely to accelerate wound healing and improve patient care.

Effective debridement has been shown to be associated with reduced exudate, reduced odour and the appearance of granulation in the wound bed 

Combining physical debridement with a wound cleansing solution

Wound cleaning is an important part of wound therapy.

Only a clean wound can go on to heal.

The UCS Debridement System removes barriers to healing, such as sloughy tissue and wound debris, with four unique actions in one single application:


1. Debride
Physical debridement with unique loop technology allows for quick and pain-free removal of non-viable tissue, dry skin, bio-burden, slough and wound debris.


2. Clean
Deep cleaning and biofilm removal with Poloxamer 188 (1) - allows better penetration of other subsequent topical treatments. Both the UCS Debridement Cloths and UCS Debridement Gloves are ideal for the management of biofilms and actively resist biofilm regrowth. 


3. Soften 
Treats stubborn non-viable/slough tissue and dry/hardened skin plaques with Allantoin (2), a skin softener that continues to moisten following debridement.


4. Soothe 
Aloe Vera Barbadensis is a soothing and anti-inflammatory to the wound bed and surrounding skin. 


Both sides of the UCS Debridement Cloth and UCS Debridement Glove can be used in a gentle polishing motion in the wound and surrounding skin.


Easy to open and simple to use, the UCS Debridement System supports patient self-care where required.