The Run Low Cut Socks 4.0 | Men

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Size: III
Colour: Black

Great Support in Footwear, more stable Joints: The Run Compression Low Cut Socks

Enjoy comfortable feet, any time of the year: Thanks to their proven blend of materials, the Run Compression Low Cut Socks for women provide ventilation on hot summer days and have a warming effect in cooler weather. These low cut running socks for women offer support with their friction-free, anatomical design and medi compression, which also activates your muscles for greater ankle stability.

Medi compression for more lightness when you run

Noticeably lighter feet and increased sense of security every step of the way: The integrated compression thread in The Run Compression Low Cut Socks for women provides the ideal compression profile for your feet. It stimulates blood circulation, which in turn increases the supply of nutrients to your muscles. You notice the feel-good effect after only a few steps, and you run with more power and endurance.

Summer or winter: Ventilation zones guarantee comfortable feet

Various features ensure the perfect balance between heat and moisture management and comfort in your running shoes: Ventilation zones at different areas of the foot bring fresh air to your skin. The air channels and blend of materials keep your feet nice and dry, even during the most high-intensity activities.

Optimum cushioning, no blisters

Blisters are now a thing of the past: The Run Compression Low Cut Socks for women offer a perfect, wrinkle-free fit on your feet to help prevent blisters. The pads in the heel stay where they belong thanks to the anatomical design and provide perfect cushioning. This gives you more power and a feeling of security when you run – plus it protects your joints.

Get The Run Compression Low Cut Socks for women and order them online from CEP Activating Sportswear. Stay fit longer and enjoy comfortable feet, no matter what the weather conditions.