Shoulder Abduction Splint | medi SAS® 45

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Shoulder abduction splint - 45° or 30° abduction The medi SAS 45 is a shoulder abduction support. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the shoulder and only on intact skin.

  • Lateral positioning with anatomically shaped cushion to relieve the ventral limbus and the capsule
  • Relieves pressure on the subacromial space
  • 30° or 45° abduction position to avoid adhesions to the axillary recess (frozen shoulder)
  • Reconstruction after rotator cuff ruptures
  • After open and arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation
  • Immobilisation after shoulder prosthesis implantation
  • After acromioplasty
  • Conservative or post-operative treatment after subacromial bursitis
  • None