Shoulder Abduction Brace | medi SAS light

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External Rotation Shoulder Cushion The medi SAS light is a brace for immobilising and relieving strain on the shoulder at an angle of 15° abduction and in a neutral position.

This position is particularly recommended after shoulder dislocations and for shoulder instability.

The open design facilitates follow-up treatment and increases wearer comfort. The ergonomic arm sling is simple to open, making specific exercises (pendulum exercises) possible as part of therapy.

  • Secure holding in 15° abduction and neutral position.
  • Postoperative healing of the rotator cuff and avoidance of contractions.
  • Holding position supports the installation of the ventral labrum and the relief of the rear capsule parts.
  • Avoidance of frozen shoulders and adhesions.
  • Shoulder instability
  • Acute shoulder dislocation after reduction
  • Stabilisation of the shoulder in arthroscopic or open technique
  • AC joint injury – operative/conservative
  • Fracture and osteosynthesis of the shoulder girdle
  • Implantation of a shoulder prosthesis
  • Humeral head fracture
  • Reconstruction after rotator cuff defect

All indications that expressly require the shoulder to be held in an internally rotated position.