Rejuva Socks Spot

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Size: Small
Color: Grey Blush

A classic pattern and luxuriously soft


Our unisex Spot RejuvaSocks® provide a playful splash of color for any occasion. Featuring a solid base topped with stylish spots throughout.


Whether you’re styling them with a matching jacket, jeans or tee, making these socks a focal point of your outfit, these Rejuva socks will elevate and add a little edge to your compression wardrobe. 


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  • Light Compression 15-20mmHg
  • Graduated compression to promote healthy circulation
  • Reduces and prevents swelling
  • Energises fatigued legs
  • Soft, smooth material for all day comfort



  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), stage 1 according to Widmer or C0s – C2 according to CEAP
  • Initial phase following varicose therapy
  • Superficial venous thrombosis
  • Thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients
  • Inflammatory dermatoses of the legs
  • Nausea and dizziness in pregnancy

Selecting the ideal compression stockings depends on the indication and the individual needs of the user.


Rejuva Compression Socks Spot


Rejuva is a collection of compression therapy products made to medical-grade specifications that the worldwide leader in compression therapy, medi, has  curated.

These products deliver the health benefits one would expect from wearing compression therapy, look like a normal sock plus add an individual style to your compression garment options. 


Recommended for:

  • Flying and travel
  • Swelling and Discomfort
  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Athletic recovery
  • Medical application as physician recommended
  • Spider veins
  • Pregnancy
  • Varicose veins


Rejuva Compression Socks Spot