mediven elegance Thigh High Compression Stocking + Silicone Topband Caramel

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Size: 1
Compression Class: CCL1
Length & Toe: Normal Closed Toe
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All you see is beauty. Effective compression has never looked so good.


The secret is the elastic knitting yarn. It ensures a lower sense of pressure whilst the stocking hugs your legs like a second skin.


mediven elegance®️ is very pleasant to wear and you feel less pressure at the back of the knee.


Triple the benefit: You look good, you enjoy outstanding wearing  comfort and you do not compromise the medical effect.


Wear the best with mediven elegance®️ and enjoy the feeling of attractiveness and fashionable elegance.


  • Highly fashionable
  • Dermatologically tested*
  • Soft elastic for more freedom for the toes



  • Varicose veins, Primary or secondary varicosis, Varicose veins in pregnancy, Supporting sclerotherapy, After varicose vein surgery
  • Chronic venous disorders: C0 to C2  according to CEAP
  • Thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients 
  • Thrombophlebitis (superficial) or condition after healed phlebitis