medi Rehab One Thigh High Stocking - Post Traumatic Post Operative Oedema Therapy

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medi Rehab One is a round-knit medical compression stocking with micro plush to provide additional wearing comfort. This new knitting technology allows the stocking to glide effortlessly over the skin and is easy to don (put on) without assistance.

A new knitting technology with micro plush that provides a secure fit on the leg. Medi Rehab One is the first medical compression stockings specially developed to effectively treat oedema after orthopaedic procedures (postoperative oedema) and injuries (posttraumatic oedema) of the locomotor apparatus of the lower limbs.


  • Thigh Length
  • Open Toe
  • Blue /  Lime Colour
  • CCL 1 
  • Sensitive Topband

The external compressive pressure (compression class 1) on the tissues can reduce existing oedema and counteract oedema formation.


Further benefits of medi Rehab One are the practical positioning guide at the knee (thigh-length stocking) and the 3D longitudinal ribbing, which make it easier for unpractised wearers to don the stocking properly. A preformed heel helps ensure the correct positioning, while an individually sized forefoot improves the fit.

The silicone micro dot topband sensitive on the thigh-length stocking ensures additional grip. The thin and breathable material at the thigh and in the sensitive hollow of the knee provides extra wearing comfort.

Integrated merino plush in the mid-and-forthfoot area gives the stocking a pleasant feeling when worn.


Product features

  • Round-knitted medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for prevention and treatment of general swelling.
  • Two types: Thigh-length stockings (AG) and calf socks (AD)
  • Tried-and-tested medical compression, compression class I
  • Thin, very breathable, active material on the thigh and in the sensitive bending area at the hollow of the knee for additional comfort
  • Innovative knit technology with micro-plush
    - Provides that the medical compression stocking (MCS) slides over the skin easily and makes the item easy to handle/facilitates handling
    - Provides a secure fit on the leg
  • Merino plush in the midfoot and forefoot area to provide comfort and additional thermoregulation
  • Knitted-in positioning aid under the knee (height of measuring point AD) for easy and safe handling on a day-to-day basis
  • 3D lengthwise ribbing facilitates correct placement and provides secure handling
  • Pre-formed heel for easy positioning and improved fit

Intended purpose

medi Rehab one is a round-knit medical compression stocking for compressive care of the lower limbs, mainly for prevention and treatment of postoperative and post-traumatic oedema and general swelling.



  • posttraumatic oedema
  • postoperative oedema