medi protect CSB | Back Brace | Posture Correction

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Back brace for posture correction protect CSB is a back brace for correcting posture. The product is to be used exclusively for treatment of the spine and is only intended for use on unbroken skin.

  • Orthosis is almost invisible under clothing
  • Supportive moldable aluminum bars for excellent strengthening of the back and muscular stabilisation.
  • Highly elastic strap system for great comfort.
  • Adaptable loop for individual positioning of the strap system.
  • Elastic straps can be cut to desired length.
  • Poor posture, postural deviations or spinal deviations
  • Posture-related pain in the spine
  • Muscle weakness an/or imbalance in the back
  • Hunched back with chronic back pain
  • None known at present.
  • If applied correctly, there are no contraindications. You should consult the doctor treating you you before you use it if the following circumstances apply to you: Disease or injury to the skin in the area that the shirt is used on, particularly when signs of infection (excessive heat, swelling or redness) are apparent.