medi Neck Collar Soft Kidz

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Brace for stabilisation of the cervical spine in children


    • Developed specially to fit children
    • Modern design, suitable for children
    • Warming, supportive function


    medi Collar soft Kidz is a neck support for stabilisation of the cervical spine in children.


    It has a modern child-friendly look and is specially designed to fit children. The soft cervical collar supports the cervical spine, while at the same time developing a pleasant warming effect.


    The collar is thus suitable for various indications, in which a stabilisation of the cervical spine is required, such as:


    • Painful muscular tension in the neck and shoulder area (neck and shoulder stiffness and pain)
    • Excessive strain on the neck muscles (torticollis)
    • Whiplash injuries of the cervical spine (cervical spine whiplash injury)
    • Hypermobility
    • Rheumatic problems
    • Supports and stabilises the neck
    • The warming effect helps treatment even further




    All indications which require stabilisation of the cervical vertebrae, such as:

    • Cervical syndrome
    • Cervical arthrosis
    • Torticollis
    • Whiplash injuries
    • Hypermobility
    • Rheumatic problems
    • None known at present.


    medi Collar soft Kidz has a warming and supportive function. The skin-friendly material of the cervical collar ensures that it is very comfortable to wear.