Knee Orthosis | Short Soft Brace | Stabimed®

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Short, functional soft brace with flexion / extension limitation.  The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the knee and only on intact skin. 

  • Safe collateral stabilisation by riged Frame
  • Extension and flexion limitation protects against damaging joint movements and relieves injured structures
  • Improvement of propriocetion to increase the own guidance and stabilisation of knee joint
  • Prevention of hyperextension
  • Limitations:
  • - Extension limitation at: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°
  • - Flexion limitation at: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
  • Collateral lesions and instabilities
  • Mild to moderate instabilities of the knee joint
  • Chronische Instabilität
  • Meniscus injuries
  • Structural relaxation
  • Traumatic or degenerative deformities of the knee joint
  • Sensitivity and perfusion disorders of the legs or feet (e.g. in the case of diabetes)
  • Lymph outflow disorders, as well as undiagnosed swellings of soft issues, apart from the area of use