Genumedi® Knee Support Soft Sleeve with Patella Ring

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Genumedi® support with 3D silicone pad


Genumedi® is a knee support for soft tissue compression. Thanks to the ingenious knitting technology, it consists of a firm, compressive material. 

Genumedi® knee support gives the joint the required stability yet is still easy to put on. 

The soft Comfort Zone, with its rippled structure and diamond centre in the hollow of the knee, provides the necessary comfort in wear, also when moving around. 

Thanks to the open border of the patella silicone ring, the pressure on the kneecap is noticeably lower.

Genumedi® is suitable for all indications, for which soft tissue compression with local compression pad(s) in the patella area is necessary. Such as:

  • slight instability of the knee joint
  • osteoarthritis of the knee
  • arthritis
  • patellofemoral pain syndrome

The 3D silicone pad integrated into the bandage reduces swelling (oedema, haematomas). A silicone dot coating and the firm connection with the knitted fabric and lateral rod material (non-slip) lead to the optimum slip resistance of the Genumedi® knee bandage. 

The unique knitting technology in the region of the hollow of the knee prevents painful constriction. Because of the unique combination of high-tech and natural eucalyptus fibres, the Genumedi® knee bandage is gentle on the skin.


The Genumedi® knee bandage is available in many variants and sizes: Genumedi®, Genumedi® extra wide for larger thighs, and Genumedi® made to measure - all available in the colours sand or silver. Genumedi® and Genumedi®, extra wide with a top band in the colour silver, are also available in oversizes.

* Scientifically tested by the French Institut IFTH.

The test result shows that Clima Comfort technology from medi guarantees climate exchange between the skin and the garment. medi achieved an outstanding total score of 11 out of 12 points.

Product Features

  • Comfort Zone with rippled structure for a higher level of comfort in the hollow of the knee
  • Knitting technique for easy donning and high wearing comfort with established stability
  • Perceptibly decreases pressure on the kneecap due to the open enclosure of the patellar silicone ring.
  • Optimal anti-slip silicone dot coating secures the connection between the knitted fabric and lateral splint material (non-slip).
  • Optimal comfort via the high-quality knitting technique used on the section in the hollow of the knee (no painful constriction).
  • There is no cutting-in of the ends of the bandage thanks to the unique knitting technique (medi Soft Edge).
  • medi Comfort Zone with rippled structure for a higher level of comfort in the hollow of the knee
  • 3D silicone pad
  • Soft on the skin, thanks to a unique hybrid fabric created from high-tech fibre and natural eucalyptus fibre

    Intended purpose

    Knee bandages for soft tissue compression.


    All indications requiring soft tissue compression with local pads in the area of the patella, such as:

    • Slight instability of the knee joint
    • Osteoarthritis of the knee
    • Patello femoral pain syndrome