Foot Support Junior | Medical Shoe Insoles for Children | Pes valgus

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medi footsupport Junior foot orthotic has been developed specifically to provide maximum support for children’s feet and Pes valgus. 

"Pes valgus" is a medical term that refers to a foot malformation characterised by an inward or medial deviation of the heel and forefoot.

In simpler terms, it describes a foot that rolls inward, causing the arch of the foot to collapse and the ankle to turn outward. This condition is also known as flatfoot or pronation.

  • Optimal longitudinal arch support.
  • Anatomically adapted shell for optimum comfort during wearing.
  • Multi-layered core for optimal guidance and support of the foot.
  • Slip resistant base cover for a stable fit in the shoe.
  • Optimum comfort
  • Hand made in Germany
  • Heat moldable - Please note for heat moulding or alterations, we advise taking it to your podiatrist/orthotist to ensure best fit.
  • Shoe type: Children's Shoes


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Intended purpose:

Foot orthotics are medical devices for specific malposition’s or poor alignment of the feet.



  • Pes planus
  • Pes valgus


Please note we are unable to ensure our warranty or offer a return/refund if any heat moulding or alteration has occurred. 


Foot Support Junior medi