Elbow Orthosis Extension and/or Flexion Restriction | medi Epico active

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Elbow orthosis with extension and / or flexion restriction/ The medi Epico active complements the medi elbow range with an orthosis that supports return to activity and sport in the late postoperative period.

The orthosis is made of a soft, breathable material that covers the elbow.

The orthosis has lateral splints that can limit extension and flexion with little effort.

Four hook-and-loop fasteners fix the orthosis to the arm, providing a secure fit during activities and sport.

  • Polycentric splints safely guide and stabilise the elbow joint
  • Protects against damaging varus and valgus stress 
  • Hyperextension protection
  • Joint blocks can be used to limit flexion and extension
  • Reliable support when returning to sports
  • conservative early functional treatment after purely ligamentous elbow luxation
  • conservative way to prevent recurring luxation of the elbow
  • for medial and / or lateral elbow instability
  • post-operative use for osteochondritis dissecans
  • post-operative use following cartilage surgery
  • post-operative use following ligament suturing or surgery
Absolute Contraindications
  • Wound healing issues and wound infections
  • Skin issues when open wounds are present
  • Concomitant neurological damage, e.g. ulnar nerve
  • Compartment syndrome
Relative Contraindications
  • Lymph drainage issues
  • An allergy to the materials/substances
  • Localized skin irritation