E+motion® Lumbamed® Plus Back Sport Support

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Sports orthosis to stabilise the lumbar spine

The Lumbamed® plus E+motion® is a performance orthosis with a 3D silicone quartz pad for stabilising the lumbar spine (LWS). In active everyday life - or sports, the properties of the performance material, the fit (Performance Fit) and the knitted fabric (Performance Compression) have many advantages. 

The sports support enables high flexibility with an optimal fit. It stabilises the lumbar spine area and the lumbosacral transition thanks to the integrated Vario-Flex quartz pad with a 3D profile, even under high loads. 

It also serves to de-lordosis the lumbar spine. The interplay of stimulating blood circulation and reducing muscle tension in the lumbar spine area, thanks to the 3D profile of the integrated Vario-Flex pad, can help alleviate pain.

Wearing the Lumbamed® plus E+motion® sports orthosis is recommended if the lumbar spine needs to be stabilised by redistributing pressure with a back pad and is particularly useful if you have back pain in the lumbar spine (lumbago) or muscular imbalance (muscular imbalance) in the lumbar region.


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Support for the back through material, fit and compression

The triple combination of high-quality material, perfect fit and compression offers effective support with every movement. 

The Merino wool (mulesing-free*), with its thermo-regulating and odour-inhibiting properties and the moisture management of Dry Skin technology, ensures high wearing comfort (performance material).

The ergonomic fit enables a secure, almost wrinkle-free fit, while the extra-large leg opening offers maximum flexibility (Performance Fit). 

With double-velcro closure and ergonomic hand, straps make, it is easier to put on and take off.

Compared to other knitted fabrics, the compressive material is 10 per cent thinner and 25 per cent tighter (Performance Compression). 

The breathable silicone-quartz pad reduces muscle tension in the lumbar spine area, promotes blood circulation, and promotes a beneficial massage effect when moving.