E+motion®️ Levamed®️ Ankle Sport Support

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Sports support for soft tissue compression on the ankle

The Levamed® E+motion® is a sports bandage for soft tissue compression of the ankle. An integrated 3D silicone quartz pad supports the reduction of edema and hematomas. 

Levamed® E+motion® sports supports are when the ankle needs soft tissue compression with local/local additional pad(s). 

In cases, among other things, with slight instabilities, strains (distortions), bruises or swelling and effusions in the joint (osteoarthritis/arthritis).

E+motion®Levamed® Sports Support: A Special combination of material, fit and compression

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Performance fabric       

  • Merino wool: odour-inhibiting and thermoregulating, mulesing-free.
  • Optimal moisture management Dry Skin technology


Performance fit       

  • Ergonomic shape
  • XL movement zone for more performance
  • Extra-large stretch zone in the entry area                                                 
  • Comfortable sock cuff

Performance compression

  • Two-sided, extra-thin 3D silicone quartz pads for massaging and reducing swelling
  • Noticeably more stability and power in the knit - for an even better body feeling


The triple combination of material, fit and knit offers effective support with every movement. The contained merino wool (mulesing-free*) ensures odour control, thermoregulation, and dry skin technology for effective moisture exchange (performance material).

The ergonomic fit enables a secure and almost wrinkle-free fit. The extra-large stretch zone in the entry area, a comfortable sock cuff and the XL movement zone in the bend offer maximum flexibility and high wearing comfort (Performance Fit).

The compressive, highly elastic material is 10 per cent thinner and 25 per cent tighter than other knitted fabrics** (Performance Compression). 

The extra-thin double-sided 3D silicone quartz pad develops a pleasant massage effect when you move and is not bulky in the shoe.