E+motion® Genumedi®️ Knee Sport Support

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Genumedi E⁺motion for safer support when the knee is under strain

The Genumedi® E+motion® sports support is for compression of the knee joint. This unique combination brings noticeable advantages in active everyday life and sports with extra high stability that is particularly supportive during extreme movement sequences. 

Performance fabric

  • Merino wool: odour-inhibiting and thermoregulating, mulesing-free.
  • Optimal moisture management with dry skin technology

Performance fit

  • Grip-ons for easy donning
  • Extra-large movement zone for more performance
  • The perfect-Fit strap stays in place with every movement        
  • Custom-fit pad for every size               
  • Ergonomic shape

Performance compression

  • Dual-sided, extra-thin 3D silicone quartz pads for massaging and reducing swelling
  • Noticeably more stability and power in the knit - for an even better body feeling.

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The sports bandage with an integrated 3D silicone quartz pad supports the reduction of swelling (oedemas, hematomas). The compressive knit can improve proprioception to support the body's guidance and stabilisation of the joint.

The sports knee supports indications requiring soft tissue compression with local pressure pads around the kneecap. Essential in the case of slight instability, joint wear and tear (arthrosis) and joint inflammation (arthritis) of the knee. 

In addition, the support is for anterior knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome).

The triple performance combination of material, fit and knit offers practical support with every movement: The thermoregulating and odour-inhibiting properties of the merino wool (mulesing-free*) ensure that it is comfortable to wear. 

The Dry Skin technology enables effective moisture management: the support absorbs moisture up to twice as fast* and transports it to the surface where it evaporates (performance material).

Lateral grip knobs (Grip-Ons) make it easier to put on the bandage. Characterised by an ergonomic shape and a secure, almost wrinkle-free fit thanks to the Perfect-Fit adhesive tape, the support does not slip. 

A perfectly fitting pad is available for every size. The XL movement zone around the knee joint creates maximum flexibility - exactly where it is needed (performance fit).

The compressive material is 10 per cent thinner and 25 per cent tighter than other knitted fabrics - thanks to highly elastic yarns with high resilience (natural tendency to contract). 

The 3D silicone quartz pad develops a beneficial massage effect when you move and stimulates blood circulation. Swelling can be reduced more quickly (performance compression).