Compression Stockings | Thigh High | Closed Toe | Silicone Topband Wide | Black | mediven cotton

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Compression Class: CCL1
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mediven cotton. The first medical compression stocking with organic cotton and recycled polyamide from medi.

First medical compression stocking with GOTS certified organic cotton lined on the inside of the stocking for direct skin contact. GRS certified polyamide yarn with recycled content for effective and resource saving compression.

Thermoregulating effect cooling in hot temperatures and warming in cold weather

The ideal compression solution for patients with atopic and sensitive skin, dermatologically proven via dermatest

Opaque look and easy donning thanks to the organic cotton lined on the inside and medi knitting construction.

Due to the material, the fit and product characteristics we recommend mediven cotton for:

  • Women / men
  • Normal weight / overweight
  • Light to heavy tendency to venous oedema
  • Also for soft connective tissue


  • Chronic venous disease: C0s – C4 according to CEAP
  • Initial phase following varicose therapy
  • Congestion problems and oedema during pregnancy
  • Postoperative reperfusion oedema, post-traumatic, postoperative, occupational, medicinally induced oedema
  • Oedema due immobility
  • Superficial venous thrombosis
  • Condition after thrombosis, postthrombotic syndrome
  • Thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients
  • Inflammatory dermatoses of the legs
  • Nausea and dizziness in pregnancy

Please note that this recommendation does not replace a doctor ’s diagnosis or professional advice from a specialist medical retailer.

Selecting the ideal compression stockings depends on the indication and the individual needs of the patients.

Yarn used in mediven cotton is GOTS certified by the yarn supplier. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) (

Yarn used in mediven cotton is GRS certified by the yarn supplier. GRS (Global Recycle Standard) (

Epictutaneous test for sensitive skin performed by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest®

Epictutaneous test for allergic skin performed by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest®