Spinomed® V Back Orthosis for Osteoporosis

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The new Spinomed back brace for active therapy of osteoporotic vertebral body fractures.


The Spinomed®V back brace sets new standards in the functional therapy of osteoporotic vertebral body fractures: the patient receives a multifunctional orthosis that mobilises him safely, effectively, and comfortably in everyday life.

This item requires professional fitting by a specialist.

Spinomed® V is a back brace that actively strengthens the core musculature, thus relieving and correcting the lumbar and thoracic spine in the sagittal plane (the plane along which the spinal column moves in the direction of bending and straightening). 

It is also suitable for vertebral fractures of the thoracic and lumbar vertebral bodies. Further indications that require relief and correction of the lumbar and thoracic spine are:

  • Juvenile Scheuermann’s disease is a growth disorder of the spine that can lead to pain associated with postural problems
  • Hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain

Unique on the market – the new pivot joint:

The innovative pivot joint is the rotating connection between the hip belt and the back splint that guarantees an optimum orthosis fit and means excellent freedom of movement combined with outstanding wearing comfort. Hence, the Spinomed®V enables users to enjoy more mobility in everyday life and leisure activities.

Tried and tested strap system – now even better: thanks to the ergonomically preformed shoulder straps with large openings, the new Spinomed® can be easily put on and taken off like a rucksack. 

The improved shoulder straps guarantee straightening of the spine when fitted per the therapeutic needs. Thanks to the soft material, the flexible shoulder pad ensures pleasant wearing comfort in the underarm area.

Further highlights of the new Spinomed®V:


  • The optimised size system ensures even more individual patient management with a better fit during movement.
  • The new back pad ensures pleasant climate management with high wearing comfort thanks to the inset holes and the soft materials.
  • Thanks to the structured strap configuration and the external grips on both sides, the orthosis is easy for the patients to close.
  • The CPO can remove the aluminium back splint from the pocket for a tool-free adjustment to the patient’s spine.

Osteoporosis patients with a lumbar or thoracic spine fracture often have postural problems: a fracture of the vertebral body can lead to a curvature of the upper back. This faulty posture leads to the upper body tending to lean forwards. 

The Spinomed®V orthosis uses the biofeedback principle to counteract this. Due to the resistance generated by the shoulder straps, the back brace reminds the body to straighten up by itself to lead to a more erect posture and demonstrably to:


  • Reduction/lessening of the pain and the tendency to sway
  • Improve capability and quality of life.
  • Strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.
  • Improvement of lung function.
  • Furthermore, a representative patient survey proved the subjective treatment benefits of Spinomed®.
  • Ninety-four per cent of the participants would recommend Spinomed.
  • Approximately two-thirds confirmed that Spinomed contributes to improved mobility or increases the quality of life and is very comfortable to wear.
  • More than half reported pain relief when wearing the orthosis.