medi Arm Sling Kidz

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Children's brace for shoulder immobilisation 

medi arm sling Kidz is characterised by its particularly soft material that provides a high level of comfort. Thanks to the practical hook and loop fastening, the shoulder brace is easy to open, facilitating functional aftercare, for example, physiotherapy.


Developed specially to fit children. The modern child-friendly design rounds off the shoulder sling for young patients.

The arm sling can be worn as soon as an immobilisation of the shoulder joint in internal rotation is necessary.


This is, for example, the case in nonsurgical treatment after a forward dislocation of the shoulder (anterior shoulder dislocation) or a chronic anterior subluxation. The medi arm sling Kidz is also used for the following indications:


  • After rotator cuff repair
  • Acromioclavicular joint dislocation (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • Fractures of the shoulder blade (scapular fracture) - both nonsurgical and postoperative
  • For nonsurgical and postoperative treatment after fractures of the humerus head


medi arm sling Kidz allows a safe positioning of the shoulder and elbow joint – to protect against harmful movements. It limits the range of motion of the shoulder in all planes, thus enabling its immobilisation. This secure positioning of the shoulder can promote the healing process.


The shoulder sling can be worn on both the left and right side. It is available in two sizes, making it possible to select a perfectly fitting product.

  • Relieves stresses on the shoulder, upper arm and elbow
  • Adapts the shoulder and immobilises the arm


Intended purpose

The medi Armschlinge Kidz is a shoulder joint support for immobilising the shoulder in a defined position.



All indications which require immobilisation of the shoulder joint with internal rotation support, such as:

  • Conservative treatment for anterior dislocated shoulder / chronic anterior subluxation
  • Following rotator cuff repair
  • Separated shoulder (conservative, post-operative)
  • Scapular fracture (conservative, post-operative)
  • Proximal humeral head fracture (conservative, post-operative)
  • All indications which require abduction and/or external rotation