Animal Mid-Cut Socks | Women

Sale price$45.43
Size: 2 (II)
Colour: Black

Run to your goals with the suppleness of a tiger! Peak performance is within reach with the Animal Compression Mid Cut Socks for women featuring state-of-the-art technology. The activating compression guarantees a perfect fit in every situation. Enjoy a solid running experience and reach new levels of performance. Plus the wild design of these compression socks with a tiger look is a real eye-catcher.

No more unwanted breaks in training due to blisters
Have you ever had your training routine interrupted by blisters? You don’t have to worry about this anymore with these compression socks for women. Their snug design in combination with a proven blend of materials guarantees a stay-put fit on your feet. This helps prevent blisters because it eliminates their number-one cause: friction.

Deep sensory stimulation reduces the risk of injury
medi compression provides deep sensory stimulation and stabilizes your joints. At the same time, it increases your proprioception while you move. The Animal Compression Mid Cut Socks for women contribute to a safer running experience by reducing your risk of injury, for example from twists and sprains.

Experience perfect running comfort with added cushioning
The compression socks for women optimize the shock absorption of your running shoes with their integrated padded zones in the foot. They protect your locomotor system and optimize the fit of your running shoes on your feet.

Discover the combination of trendy animal design and world-class performance: Buy your new Animal Compression Mid Cut Socks for women in the CEP Sportswear webshop!