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The cuddly side of compression - mediven Comfort

The cuddly side of compression - mediven Comfort

Welcome to mediven Comfort, where medical compression stocking efficacy and comfort combine to create the ideal compression garment. 


mediven Comfort redefines the experience of wearing compression garments—a dedicated modern treatment solution for vein disease and edema, meticulously designed to ensure optimal comfort for the best possible patient treatment outcomes.


mediven comfort


medi is a pioneer in addressing the needs of those with vein disease and edema. Our name is a commitment to venous health, exemplified through a wide range of medical compression garments for men and women.


The mediven brand is a world leader in compression therapy for men and women, including made-to-measure options, pregnancy, travel and more. 


mediven® comfort – The cuddly side of compression from medi GmbH & Co. KG on Vimeo.




mediven Comfort: A Closer Look


Within the mediven product lineup, the Comfort series stands out for its unparalleled softness and ease of use. mediven Comfort offers specific features in knee-length, thigh-high stockings and pantyhose, depending on your chosen style. 


Key elements that make mediven Comfort a top choice in compression include open and closed-toe options and over twelve colours to choose from. It's one of medi's softest and easiest stockings for donning and doffing. Our online store offers standard colour options or you can contact us to order from the complete range of standard, trend and new season colour choices. 


mediven cotton pantyhose


Soft and Supple Material - The highly soft fabric of mediven Comfort ensures easy donning and doffing, redefining the perception of Comfort in compression wear.


Lanolin-Infused for Skin Care - mediven Comfort contains lanolin, a natural substance for treating dry and rough skin. It delivers effective skin care while wearing compression stockings in a long-lasting product that continues its efficacy for 100 washes. 


Optimum Comfort and Breathability - Innovative materials and cutting-edge technology combine to deliver optimum wear comfort and high breathability, addressing the common discomfort associated with compression garments.


Perfect Fit with comfort gussetThe elastic and hard-wearing comfort gusset ensures an ideal fit, accommodating various body shapes and sizes.


Shaping comfort panty top - The new shaping comfort panty top provides a perfect silhouette and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.


Double-knitted comfort solemediven Comfort goes the extra mile by incorporating a double-knitted comfort sole, ensuring a pleasant walking sensation for wearers.


Attractive TopbandsThigh-length stockings include four beautiful top band options. A silicone topband is available online in our store ready-to-wear, and other versions are available as a special order. 


mediven comfort for men and women


Enjoy a firm hold and high-wearing comfort without compromising style. 


mediven Comfort compression garments are for various conditions, including varicose veins, primary or secondary varicosis, varicose veins in pregnancy, supporting sclerotherapy, and post-varicose vein surgery. 


Additionally, it is suitable for chronic venous disorders (CEAP C0 to C4), thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients, and managing superficial thrombophlebitis or conditions after healed phlebitis and deep venous thrombosis.


Always consult your medical professional before commencing compression therapy to confirm the best options for your medical requirements. 


mediven Comfort redefines the narrative surrounding compression garments, proving that comfort and medical efficacy coexist seamlessly. 


mediven comfort colour optiond


With a commitment to innovation, patient-centric design, and a broad range of applications, mediven Comfort stands as a testament to mediven's mission to provide optimal treatment outcomes and enhance the quality of life for individuals dealing with vein disease and edema.


In addition to mediven Comfort, other brands in the mediven range cater to differing therapeutic needs and compression classes ranging from CCL1 to CCL4


Compression garments require an initial prescription for any class above CCL2, and typically, wearers should be professionally measured to ensure the effectiveness and correct sizing of the garment.


medi caters to all prescriptive needs. Depending on the garment, you can purchase it through your medical professional or medi Australia through our sales line at 1300 04 6334 or our official retail website, 


Some of medi's range is only available through therapists and hospitals, so if you cannot find it on our retail site, get in touch, and we can refer you to a therapist nearest your location. 


mediven comfort - contact us for more colours


For more information on products, you can visit to discover all brands, variations, colours and everything medi does in compression, rigid support braces, soft supports, footcare, fashion and more. 


Typically, round-knit compression is available through your local pharmacy, specialist retailers, or our official retail store. Flat-knit compression garments are usually tailor-made and created to order at our manufacturing outlets worldwide.


medi products in our retail store include;

mediven Cotton

mediven angio

mediven elegance

mediven plus

mediven esprit

mediven active

mediven for men

mediven sheer and soft

mediven harmony


Depending on the requirement, mediven offers a compression garment solution for venous and oedema therapy, including compression stockings, socks, thigh- and knee-length hosiery, pantyhose, one-legged, capri shorts, foot options, and so much more. 


mediven comfort latest trend colours


medi recognises that each patient's needs are unique. 


mediven compression stockings are precision crafted and have specific details to cater to various clinical conditions. Whether it's varicose veins, primary or secondary varicosis, or post-thrombotic syndrome, mediven offers a comprehensive range of compression solutions.


The science behind round-knit mediven compression stockings


mediven's round-knit compression stockings are knitted on a round cylinder, ensuring a seamless design. 


The stockings' elasticity, through variable stitch sizes and differing tensions on the yarn, contributes to high resting pressure and makes them effective even during extended periods of standing or sitting. 


This controlled Compression reduces vein diameter, facilitating blood flow and minimising swelling and tightness.


mediven comfort thigh length stockings


 Please get in touch for additional information on mediven Comfort. Call our Customer Service team on 1300 04 MEDI (6334) during business hours, click chat or email us for more informtion.


All you feel is softness. The cuddly side of compression.


With mediven comfort you can experience how heavenly soft a compression stocking can be. The comfort class from mediven guarantees optimal wearing comfort and particularly easy donning and doffing – and all this without sacrificing medical efficacy. Innovative materials and the very latest technology ensure a complete feeling of well-being.

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