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ATO Changes GST on Compression

ATO Changes GST on Compression

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has amended the GST ruling on Compression Socks.


medi Australia customers purchasing compression socks with an mmHg (unit of compression) starting below 20mmHg will now incur GST (Goods and Services Tax) commencing Monday, February 26th, 2024.

Compression Classes affected by the new GST rules include:

CCL1 in 14-17mmHg (UK Standards) or 18-21mmHg (EU Standards) and CCL2 in 18-24mmHg (UK Standards)


Previously, only certain compression products included GST, and as of the above date, medi will now have to charge GST on all lower leg garments.that have a starting mmHG below 20. 


GST will be included in the pricing of the compression garments and will affect the product lines below. Please scroll down for the complete list of products involved.


This is an ATO decision and not a medi price increase.


Ready-to-Wear Compression Armsleeves and Made-to-Measure medi products in CCL1 are not affected and will remain GST-free.


*Please note the only exception to CCL2 GST will be for any UKStandards CCL2 which is 18-24mmHG 


Thank you for your understanding; don't hesitate to contact our customer service team via email, chat or phone if you need more information.


medi Australia


Compression Classes below 20mmHG that will now incur GST include:

mediven Plus (CCL1)

mediven Active (CCL1)

mediven Angio (CCL1)

mediven Travel (CCL1)

mediven Elegance (CCL1)

mediven for Men (CCL1)

mediven Comfort (CCL1)

mediven Cotton (CCL1)

Sheer & Soft (CCL1)

Rejuva (CCL1)

duomed (CCL1)

duomed Soft 2 Easy (CCL1 & CCL2)

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