Flat-Knit Compression

Medical compression stockings for lymphoedema and lipoedema

medi provides a comprehensive product range of therapy for various conditions of the venous and lymphatic systems. Our compression product range includes knee socks, thigh-length stockings and tights.

medi Australia  Flat-knit  Medical Compression Stockings


Compression stockings: Basic therapy for various conditions

Compression stockings and compression tights in four different pressure classes (compression classes)
The severity of the venous condition, lymphoedema or lipoedema determines the pressure needed. Patients prescribe the correct pressure and type of garment required.
Various models and materials are used depending on the condition's nature and how advanced it is. Models are also available for patients with healthy veins.


medi Australia  Flat-knit  Medical Compression Stockings


There are models specifically tailored to the needs of men and pregnant women.

Medical adaptive compression systems are also available as an alternative to a conventional wrap bandage for oedema drainage and to treat venous leg ulcers.
In addition, medi supplies clinics with thrombosis hosiery for thrombosis prevention in gentle, medium and strong medical compression.


Flat-knit medical compression stockings are an essential part of the therapy for lipoedema and lymphoedema in the arms and legs.

Therapy with medical compression stockings for lipoedema and lymphoedema. Each treatment for lipoedema and lymphoedema is individual. medi's flat-knit medical mediven compression stockings are Made-to-Measure.
For example, they aim to prevent "congestion in the tissue" from building up again after lymphatic drainage. medi flat knit products offer a high level of user comfort and durability and are available in many colours and designs.


Flat-knit medical compression stockings are available on prescription.

Doctors prescribe flat-knit stockings for lipoedema and lymphoedema therapy. They are professionally measured and fitted on an individual patient-by-patient basis. 
Lymphoedema is caused by a restriction in the lymphatic system, which means that the lymphatic fluid can no longer be removed sufficiently.
The volume of this fluid increases in the affected part of the body due to liquid build-up in the tissue. 
Lipoedema is an abnormal fat distribution issue in the lower and upper extremities. 
Patient-specific criteria, such as the condition of the connective tissue, weight and deeper skin folds, and the severity of the situation, are therefore crucial for therapy.


medi Australia  Flat-knit  Medical Compression Stockings


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For individual therapy, medi's high-quality, breathable materials are Made-to-Measure to fit the patient's body shape as perfectly as possible.
Many extras, such as functional and relief zones, allow further adjustments that assist anatomy and enhance a patient's lifestyle.