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New Season Compression Garment Colours: Arrive October 4

mediven colours launched October 2023

Medi Australia is launching our latest additions to the mediven® range in medical compression fashion on October 4, 2023.


We are delighted to present the latest colours and patterns in mediven® flat knit and round knit compression stocking options, available in an array of vibrant and muted colours that allow you to tailor your therapy to match your style choices.


mediven colours launched October 2023


Colourful Choices for Every Style


Choosing your ideal look has never been easier with mediven's extensive color palette. Starting in October, we introduce two captivating trend colours: Sage Green and Lilac. These fresh additions complement our popular trend colours, Chestnut and Raspberry Red. 


We're also thrilled to introduce a new pattern called Bloom, which adds even more variety to our colour range. Grey and medi magenta also debut in our standard colour ranges.


Express Yourself with mediven® Colours and Patterns.


At medi, we understand that embracing your style is essential. That's why our mediven compression stockings combine medical efficacy and fashion seamlessly, offering a wide range of colours and trendy designs you'll be proud to wear. 


Our commitment to fashion-forward compression wear enhances the overall success of individual therapy for patients dealing with venous diseases, lipoedema, and lymphoedema.


mediven colours launched October 2023

 Click to download the latest medi compression colour chart


A Spectrum of Colours for All Compression Wearers


medi caters to the diverse preferences of both vein and oedema patients by offering a vast selection of colours. Wearers can choose from standard skin tones and seasonal trend colours.


These colours allow you to style according to your preferences, boosting individuality and self-confidence. Standard and trend colours are available for various flat knit stockings, including mediven 550 leg, mediven mondi, mediven cosy, mediven 550 arm, and mediven esprit. 


Round knit stockings like Mediven Elegance, Mediven Comfort, Mediven Plus, and Mediven Forte have many colour options too.


Standard colour options include white, beige, sand, cashmere, caramel, navy, anthracite and black, with popular trend colours medi magenta and grey now new additions in our standard colour palette options. 


mediven colours launched October 2023



Bloom in our latest patterns.


The delightful floral pattern Bloom, emerged as the winner in our user poll. Starting from October 4, 2023, this pattern will be an exciting addition to the flat knit mediven range. Order Bloom with all mediven trends or standard colours in arm sleeves and leg stockings.


Personalise your outfit with design and fashion elements to create unique compression stockings, including Bloom, our latest design, or choose from Nature, Stripes, or Dots knitted directly into the fabric, delivering unparalleled style and comfort. These patterns are available for both arm and leg garments.


mediven's new colour range: Sage Green and Lilac


The mediven range of colours embodies joie de vivre, individuality, and vibrant community spirit. Discover the harmonious and soothing Sage Green, along with the energetic and lively shade of Lilac. Our new pattern, Bloom, is designed to complement all colours seamlessly.


A little bling, too!


Sparkling crystal motifs, including wind in gold, proud in anthracite and trio in silver, are available for mediven elegance, mediven comfort, mediven plus, mediven forte, and all flat knit mediven stockings and arm sleeves.


mediven colours launched October 2023

 Click to download the latest medi compression colour chart


Available to order on October 4


With these exciting new additions to the mediven compression therapy range, medi Australia continues to provide top-notch medical compression solutions that empower patients to look and feel their best. 


Discover your unique style, enhance your therapy experience, and embrace the future of medical compression therapy with medi.


How do I order colours and patterns?


It's simple to order any colour, pattern or crystal motif on your choice of compression stockings at medi. Depending on the range, most colours and options are available across the mediven range in flat and round knit compression garment options. 


To find out more and order, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team on 1300 04 MEDI (6334) during business hours, hit chat on the website or send us an email to, and we can give you specific information based on your medical requirement and fashion preferences. 


 mediven colours launched October 2023

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