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medi Australia and the PNG Angels

medi Australia and the PNG Angels

In October, medi Australia joined hands with the inspirational PNG Angels, who, as a not-for-profit, volunteer their time and expertise in Papua New Guinea as a team of surgeons, nurses, and other specialised medical personnel that assist in improving the medical and healthcare opportunities for the people of PNG.

PNG Angels and medi

Neurosurgeon Dr Marc Coughlan established the Angels charity during a philanthropic visit to PNG after seeing first-hand the necessity for solutions to the inadequate medical facilities available to local patients.

The PNG Angels now directly contribute life-saving surgery, medical assistance and more to hundreds of children and young adults throughout Papua New Guinea. 


Together we can change lives in PNG


PNG Angels exists to help meet the neurosurgical needs in Papua New Guinea, primarily through education and high impact clinical training. Our philanthropic missions to PNG require essential supplies and specialised equipment that are simply not available at the local hospitals. Therefore, we rely heavily on the support and generosity of organisations such as medi Australia. Thank you medi Australia for playing an important role in helping to improve patient outcomes in PNG


PNG Angels fitting a medi back brace


“medi Australia kindly teamed up with PNG Angels, supplying braces and compression garments for the people of PNG and the team of volunteers. Given the complexity of the spinal procedures and the limited post operative rehabilitation services, it was an incredible donation knowing that the patients would each receive a lumbafacet brace to help support and give further stability in those initial months of recovery. I'm looking forward to working with Medi well into the future.”

Dr. Marc Coughlan, Neurosurgeon and Founder PNG Angels


medi & the PNG Angels

In our recent and heartwarming collaboration, medi Australia expanded our charitable endeavours by loading the team of PNG Angels with medical braces and compression supplies for their latest endeavour.

Our contributions to the Port Moresby General Hospital mission assisted the Angels with patient care and post-operative needs by supplying complimentary medical orthosis options for current and future patient use that enhance the hospital's orthopedic care capabilities.


medi & the PNG Angels

medi Australia aims to improve patient care and ensure individuals in need receive the best support for their orthopedic health by collaborating with the PNG Angels. We want to exemplify the power of communal action in positively impacting global healthcare by partnering with not-for-profits who genuinely make a difference to communities locally and around the globe.

This partnership highlights both organisations' shared values and underscores the significance of corporate social responsibility in fostering positive change.


As we witness the ripple effects of this philanthropic endeavour, it is evident that the support provided by medi Australia goes beyond the physical products donated. It symbolises a shared vision for a healthier and more compassionate world where borders do not limit the reach of kindness and care.


medi & the PNG Angels

medi Australia's support for PNG Angels and their recent philanthropic journey to Port Moresby Hospital is a testament to our company's commitment to making a meaningful difference.

By combining resources, expertise, and compassion, medi Australia and PNG Angels exemplify the transformative power of collaboration in global health and well-being.


medi & the Angels

As we celebrate this new partnership, we learn that even small acts of kindness can pave the way for significant positive change, transcending boundaries and leaving an enduring impact on the lives of those in need.

If you're interested in donating to the PNG Angels, please click the link below to learn more.


medi & the PNG Angels

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