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Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2023

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2023

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), medi Australia stands firmly alongside the mission that unfolds every October. BCAM serves as a beacon, shedding light on the profound impact of breast cancer on countless Australians daily. 


With over 20,000 Australians receiving a breast cancer diagnosis annually, equivalent to 57 individuals each day, and over 3,200 lives lost each year, the urgency of the matter cannot be understated. 


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023


While progress has been made, with the five-year survival rate rising from 76% to an encouraging 92% since 1994, thanks to dedicated research, there remains an imperative to drive further advancements. The collective focus is on the remaining 8% who still need to reach this vital survival threshold. 


Breast cancer stands as the most prevalent cancer diagnosis among women in Australia. In 2023, the projection is that more than 3,200 lives will be claimed by breast cancer, including 30 to 40 men.


The incidence of this disease is on the rise, with approximately 1 in 7 Australian women and about 1 in 500 Australian men expected to confront a breast cancer diagnosis during their lifetime. 


The development of this ailment occurs when cells within the breast undergo abnormal growth and proliferation, culminating in the formation of a tumour. Remarkably, medical research has advanced to the point where breast cancer confined within the breast is now largely treatable. 


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023


For medi, breast cancer's prevalent health concerns often necessitate compression therapy through specialised compression garments. This therapy is essential in managing various breast cancer treatment and recovery aspects. 


Compression therapy is commonly employed to alleviate lymphedema, which may arise after breast cancer surgery and lymph node removal. 


Lymphedema involves swelling and fluid buildup in the affected arm or breast area. Compression garments, such as compression sleeves, are crucial in reducing this swelling by applying gentle pressure to encourage proper lymphatic drainage. 


Furthermore, these garments provide support and comfort during the healing process, particularly post-surgery. They can help reduce pain, improve circulation, and promote optimal tissue healing. 


Compression therapy using specialised garments is vital to breast cancer management. It addresses issues like lymphedema, supports healing after surgery, and enhances overall comfort and well-being during treatment, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more comfortable journey for breast cancer patients.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023


The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) commenced funding research in 1994. Since then, the death rates from breast cancer in Australia have diminished by more than 40%, primarily attributed to advancements in prevention, early detection, and enhanced breast cancer treatments. This progress is certainly commendable, but the mission is far from complete.


Nine Australians continue to lose their lives to this formidable disease each day. 


To ultimately prevent the loss of women and men to breast cancer, we must prioritise targeted, world-class research. By deepening our understanding of how breast cancer tumours originate, evolve, and disseminate, we hold the potential to save more lives.


Breast cancer holds the unfortunate distinction of being the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women in Australia. 


A staggering 57 Australians confront this diagnosis daily, translating to an annual tally exceeding 20,000 cases. Remarkably, 1 in 7 women will grapple with breast cancer during their lifetime, while about 1 in 500 men will face a similar diagnosis. 


The alarming reality persists for young women, with approximately 1,000 diagnosed with breast cancer annually, equating to around three young women daily. Tragically, 2023 will witness the loss of over 3,200 Australians to breast cancer, including 30 to 40 males.


Heartbreakingly, one woman under 40 will succumb to breast cancer each week, amounting to a devastating toll of 9 Australians daily. 


Over the past decade, a troubling 21% increase in breast cancer diagnoses has occurred. However, since the inception of funding by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in 1994, death rates from breast cancer in Australia have substantially declined by over 40%. 


This remarkable progress is mainly attributable to their dedicated research efforts in prevention, early detection, and development of enhanced breast cancer treatments. While we have achieved significant milestones, the journey towards eradicating breast cancer is far from over. 


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023


A steadfast commitment fuels their determination to finance diverse research endeavours. These initiatives aim to unravel risk factors, pioneer innovative detection and treatment methods, enhance the quality of life for breast cancer patients, improve treatment outcomes, and, above all, save lives.


The road ahead may be challenging, but our resolve remains unyielding.


Donations to assist in eradicating this disease are needed to fund treatments and patient care. Below are some ideas to contribute and donate funds or time to help those fighting breast cancer. 


There are several reputable organisations and foundations in Australia where you can donate to support breast cancer research, awareness, and support programs. Some of these include:


National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)

The NBCF is a leading organisation that funds breast cancer research in Australia. They focus on prevention, early detection, and treatment. You can donate directly to their website.


Cancer Council Australia

The Cancer Council operates in each state and territory in Australia, and they provide support for people affected by all types of cancer, including breast cancer. You can donate on their website and specify that you want your donation towards breast cancer research and support.


Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)

BCNA is a national organisation that provides support and information to Australians affected by breast cancer. They also advocate for improved care and treatment. 


McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation is known for its breast care nurses who support individuals and families experiencing breast cancer. You can donate on their website to support their programs and services.


Cancer Australia

The Australian Government's national agency for cancer control. While they don't accept donations directly, they provide valuable information and resources related to cancer, including breast cancer, which can be helpful for those looking to understand the disease better.


Local Breast Cancer Support Groups

Many local communities have breast cancer support groups or organisations that assist those affected by breast cancer. These may not be as well-known as national organisations, but they can still benefit from your support.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023


Before donating, it's a good idea to research the organisation to ensure your donation goes where it is needed most. You can typically find information about their program's financial transparency on their websites. 


Additionally, you can check if they are registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) for added assurance.

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