LymphaTech Volume

Capture, measure & compare exact shape of limbs to enable effective assessment


Measure the impact of enhanced patient care

Capture accurate baseline volume and percentage difference measurements for all patients  with medi's LymphaTech mobile solution. Quickly obtain, share and report reliable data for improved patient evaluation and tracking. LymphaTech ensures reliability through simple, standardised procedures, has low inter-operator variability, boasts 99% accuracy and is validated by published third-party research.

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LymphaTech delivers precise measurements in under 60 seconds.

Provide highly accurate volume measurements in under a minute. Supported by peer-reviewed research, LymphaTech prioritises comfort and inter-user comparability. Each scan captures hundreds of thousands of data points, allowing for customisable measurements easily tailored to individual patient needs.

99% measurement accuracy

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Each scan captures hundreds of thousands of data points.Validated by third party research.

Reduce operator variability by 75%

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Regardless of who takes the scan, consistent measurements improve efficiency and workflow.

Accurate measures in under 60 seconds

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Volume and percentage difference measurements in less than a minute enhances clinical value.

Monitor, analyse and optimise treatments

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Track progress over time and compare changes. Generate custom reports for effortless recording.


Continuously monitor, report and share volume measurements for ongoing patient management

LymphaTech's algorithms automatically calculate volume and percentage differences between limbs. Quickly recognise and align limb segments and landmarks across all successive scans and visualise changes in measurements of each limb and between limbs for comprehensive assessment. Streamline record keeping through automated reporting with printable, exportable records that are easily attached to patient records.





Ensure consistency and reliability across all stakeholders

Standardise measurements across various sites, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, hospitals, surgery, and oncology, and seamlessly synchronise data across multiple facilities, ensuring measurement consistency and reliability. Incorporate these measurements directly into electronic patient files for easy access and reference. With LymphaTech, measurements are consistently tracked throughout the therapy process, facilitating comprehensive patient care and monitoring.

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Achieve superior patient outcomes with every therapy session

Capture measurements during each patient visit to conduct a detailed assessment of current progress, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the treatment trajectory. Continuously track these measurements to refine treatment strategies, enabling tailored and effective interventions. By incorporating regular measurements, you can optimise your treatment approach and foster patient engagement, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and enhanced compliance with the care plan.

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